Ankeral Indoor LED Strip Lights – 5050 RGBIC LED Light Strips

Home Lighting Made Smart

LED strip lights have become a popular choice for modern interior decoration. They not only add a contemporary and stylish atmosphere to rooms but also offer flexible lighting options, allowing users to adjust brightness and colors as needed. LED strip lights are typically easy to install and can be adhered to various surfaces such as walls, ceilings, and furniture, making them widely popular in both residential and commercial settings.

RGBIC Bluetooth LED Strip Lights

Decor Party Room on Your Brightest Holiday

When the festival is coming, invite three or five good friends to get together to celebrate it, how to make our party interesting, comfortable and romantic?  Decorate it with our LED strip lights, set up your colors and mode, immersed in a relaxed and warm atmosphere to spend a happy festival with your friends.

RGBIC Wifi LED Strip Lights

Color Your Dream, Light Up Your Life

Our Ankeral LED strip lights contain rich colors and fantastic light effects, making it perfect for any indoor space such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, reading room or game room. Make your colorful ideas come to life with our strip lights.

Smart App Control

Customize extensive features with smart APP to maximize your lighting experience.

Music Mode

Scene Mode

Time mode

DIY Mode

Color Option

APP LED Strip Lights
RGB LED Strip Lights

Enhanced Music Mode

Segmented control provides countless design options, stunning light shows, and effects that are sure to impress. Enjoy dynamic, fantastic color in your living space.

Dimmable Lighting

DIY lighting mode and adjust brightness of Ankeral LED strip lights, you can always find the most suitable lighting level.

Outdoor LED Strip Lights
RGBIC LED Strip Lights

Timer Settings

Soft lighting gently wakes you up each morning and slowly darkens towards bedtime bring you into sweet dream.

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How to install the led strip light?

LED Strip Light
LED Strip Light
LED Strip Light

Step 1:  Clean the wall surface with a soft cloth and ensure the wall without any dust particles. The strip light is easy to fall off if there is some dust particles when stick the strips on the wall surface

Step 2:  Confirm the positions of the control box and the power socket, make sure the strip light is long enough. Tear off the film on the rear of the control box and firm it to the wall surface.

Step 3: Please make sure the strip light is firmly connected with the control box. If the link is not strong, it will lead to poor contact of the line, the light strip can‘t be kept bright smoothly.

LED Strip Light
LED Strip Light
LED Strip Light

Step 4:  Tear off the film on the rear of the strip light and the connector. Stick the strip light onto the wall surface and press hard to make sure it is glued together firmly.

Step 5:  Please try to avoid electronic components like light beads and pads on the strip light when bending, avoid to damage the strip light.

Step 6:  Connect the adapter with the control box and plug it into the power socket. You can enjoy the colorful world brought to you by our strip lights.

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