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Learn More About Portable Mini Fans

A portable mini fan is simply a mini electric fan that is not permanently affixed to the wall or ceiling.
Portable mini fans come in all different shapes and sizes, it can be held in the hand, small size to carry easily,
you can bring it anywhere, just throw in your travel bag, back lightly of go.

rechargeable mini fan

360° Rotation Mini Portable Fan - Baby Stroller Fan

Baby stroller fan is specially made for baby but also anyone. We invent this to meet baby and parents need in summer, indoors and outdoors. The 3 flexible legs (tripod) are sturdy built and long enough to hold the handle of strollers, wheelchairs, crib or anywhere you would place your baby, keep it cool and entertained. Our tripod fan with 3 speeds for your needs, Speed 1 and 2 are comfortable, quiet and effective for child, while speed 3 are strong for adult. The baby fan is with rechargeable battery included – Grade A 2600mah battery, lasts 6-10 hours if set at low speed for child, it’s enough for a half day outing like a walk. This portable min fan can be used as handheld fan for game days for soccer, camping and other outdoors. It can sit at your bedroom, office table, grab on your poor or beach umbrella, you can also set it at your boat, golf cart, or treadmill in gym…It’s a magic fan and wait for you to explore more.

Mini Bladeless Handheld Fan

This eyelash extension fan dryer is made of ABS and PC material, lightweight and compact. The fan is operated by 2000mAh lithium battery with high-performance and efficiency. It takes about 2 to 3 hours to get fully charged and it lasts about 8 hours at low-speed after a full charge. Innovative bladeless design, gives off strong airflow without fast-spinning blades, safe for kids or pets and easy to wipe clean. This eyelash extension fan has three wind speeds level – low, medium, and high, you can switch the wind speed at will according to your needs. Just switch the 3 speeds by pressing the power button repeatedly. This handheld cooling dryer fan can help to cool and sooth your clients’ eyes during or after the lash extension. It’s also completely okay for you to bring this handheld mini fan for travelling, shopping, exercising or any other outdoor activities, especially suitable for travel or outdoor sports, just put it into your backpack or throw it into your car, you can carry it everywhere you go.

mini fan table fan usb desk fan
usb desk fan

Portable Neck Fan Hands Free Bladeless Fan

A novel neck fan that can send the wind without clogging your hands by simply placing it on your neck. Designed without wings, it can be used safely by children and the elderly. When using the fan, you don’t have to worry about your hair getting caught on the fan blades. With 78 air outlets around the neck, it can be used for the entire face around, which products enough air to keep you cool always. It is also ideal as a companion for working in hot weather. The Handheld fan is designed as a headphone to free your hands anywhere. Fashion style makes you look so cool and you can take it anywhere in hot weather. 4000mAh large capacity batteries provide 4-16 working hours duration (depending on different speeds). Adjust appropriate fan speed by pressing the power button repeatedly. The wearable neckband fan’s motor has been modified so that noises of at least 25 dB can be generated while running. It is quite enough to hear your own breath.

The Best Multi-function Portable Mini Fans

This multi-function portable mini fan is a new arrival with novel interesting design, you can hang the neck, put it on the desk, clip-on your waist, grasp in your hand, it’s very convenient. Portable size to carry easily, you can take it anywhere, just throw in the travel bag or hanging on your neck, hand free and go. 


Portable min fan


Silicone, plastic

Body Colors

White, black, yellow, green, blue

Power Supply

Rechargeable Battery


5V, 1A

Quality Standard 


Switch Modes

Press button


Available in stocks



Delivery time

7-10 working days

Product Size


Gift Box Size


Carton Size

54x39x30cm, 50pcs/ctn

Packing Details

Mini Fan, USB Cable, User Manual, Gift Box

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Handheld Mini Fan, 3 IN 1 Hand Fan, Portable USB Rechargeable Small Pocket Fan

3 in 1 Multi-function Small Pocket Fan

  • 3 in 1 multi function, release your hand, comfortable and convenient.
  • USB charging, can be charged by computer, power bank, car charger etc.
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery, 2~8 hours working time depends on 3 levels speed.
  • Adjustable 3 speeds: Low-Medium-High. Choose the appropriate fan speed level, fits for all ages.
  • Portable size to carry easily, you can take it anywhere, just throw in the travel bag and go.
  • This multi function small pocket fan is an ideal gift for children, students, friends and family members in hot summer season.
Multi-function Mini USB Fan Rechargeable Handheld Mini Fans

The best desk fans

Portable fans are a handy resource for any occasion. Need some air while waiting for the subway? Pull out your foldable fan from your purse. Getting a little too hot during your jog? Grab the handheld fan from your pocket. We sifted through the different types, sizes and brands of portable fans to find the best ones based on activity, power, weight and easy design for transport. Whether you’re overheating on your daily bike rides or need a desk fan when your coworkers set the thermostat too high in the office, we’ve got you covered with the best portable fans to keep you cool when you’re just way too hot.

Neck Hanging Min Kids Fan Children Hands Free Fan

The best neck fans

A rechargeable neck fan is just what you need for your outdoor bike ride. We love that we don’t have to worry about hair getting caught because of the bladeless design. 3D Airflow Design includes 36 air vents to provide an immersive cooling experience. The upward vents blow cool air towards your face while the downward vents prevent long-term wear discomfort by cooling the skin of your neck. His technological marvel is completely transforming the way both athletes and everyday people choose to cool down their bodies when the heat ramps up. The blade-less and hands-free design let it come true.

China Factory Best Selling Portable Mini Hand Fan

The best usb fans

A USB fan is a small and portable device that’s handy for personal, close-proximity cooling. As the name suggests, it’s powered through a USB connection, such as the one in your computer, a power adapter that you plug into a wall outlet, or a portable battery. Some can be self-powered using an internal battery that you recharge — over USB, of course. USB fans are simple to use highly effective for personal cooling. They can be plugged into any USB port for power, whether it’s a laptop computer or wall adapter. Some include a built-in battery, which makes them portable for on-the-go use.

2021 New Arrival Mini Mist Fan Super Cool Portable Folding Mini Floor Fan for Summer Gifts

The best desk fans

When temperatures rise and air conditioning isn’t quite cutting it, a good fan can kick up the cool factor without adding too much to your electrical bill. And because they come in all shapes and sizes, you can opt for a larger one to cool a large room or a compact one to cool you while you sit at your desk. Keeping cool while sitting in front of the desk is essential for productivity and productivity-boosting activities. A desk fan helps keep the air moving and circulating while you get your work done. Here are the best desk fans to consider, this is the perfect fan to cool a small space or section of a room.

Our Advantages - Why Global Customers Work with Us?

We are the original manufacturer of mini fans, we already have been 8 years experience since 2015 year. 

We have already cumulatively served more than ten thousands of customers all over the world.

Most of the clients we serve are gifts importers and wholesalers, lights & lighting distributors; 

global supermarket chain; Amazon/Wish/Ebay sellers and so on.

High Grade Quality

All our mini fans are made of safe and environmentally friendly raw materials.

Cheap Wholesale Price

We have a mature and stable supply chain that can reserve enough profit margins for you.

Free Drawing Design

Just show us your ideas, we will ensure to make a perfect scene layout till you are satisfied.

Complete Certification

Our usb mini fans have complete various qualification certifications, CE, ROHS, FCC are all approved. 

Small MOQ

We would like to accept small quantity orders for starting to support you.

Custom Service

Support personalized portable mini fan with photo, size, logo printing and color box as your requirements.

Fast Deliver Time

We have sufficient stock of small electric fan in our 3D warehouse, only need 3–5 days if 1000pcs regular order.

Video Inspection

We support customers through online video inspection at any time during the production process

Ankeral - Your Best One-station Gift Solution Supplier

Are you still feeling annoyed about finding novel gifts? Ankeral Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2013 year, which is a professional one-station purchasing all kinds of mini fan factory in Shenzhen China. We support your OEM & ODM orders, customized & personalized service are always available, just show us your concepts, we will create your unique solutions to meet your requirements. And we also support products sourcing service, we are very familiar with our local China market here, we have steady supply chains of different industries, we would like to help you find the quality products with competitive prices. The portable mini fan is perfect ideal for decorations and promotions on Christmas day, Halloween day, Valentine’s day or Children’ s birthday.

The Helpful Guides for USB Mini Fan Distributors & Retailers

Are you interested in adding portable mini fan products as new business?

If you are in small mini fan international trading business, then we are waiting for you right here.

As a professional mini fan manufacturer, our guides will bring you more about mini fan from all angles.

Are mini fans good?

We have to do is plug it into your power bank because it is just a regular USB. So let’s plug into this power bank. And there you go it starts spinning and it is safe if I touch it with my hand

Are the bladeless fans better?

Bladeless fans are generally safer than regular fans, as airflow is generated in the fan’s enclosed base and a cool, breezy vortex gets shot up into the main chamber like a rocket. Bladeless fans are also typically quieter than traditional fans, plus they can be more energy-efficient.

How do you charge a USB fan?

We have to do is plug it into your power bank because it is just a regular USB, or plug into power source with adapter.

Is this neck fan suitable for nurses?

Yes!I am nurses, Great product! Especially if you’re in healthcare wearing a face shield all day. Before my shield would always fog up, now with this fan it’s crystal clear! Not too loud either. Would totally recommend this product! Especially for healthcare workers wearing full PPE.

Is the neckband fan sweat and rain proof?

Yes, the neckband fan is both sweatproof and waterproof!

How long does charging fan take to re-charge?

Not very long at all! Maybe 1 hour If that!

How can you tell when the battery is fully charged?

The flash red light means charging while the solid red lights shows a full charge.

Does it make a lot of noise while using small usb fan?

Yes, with our USB LED strip lights, you can plug in anywhere there is a usb port, which is very convenient.

Can this be used outside? Do I want to use it to go to the beach?

Yes, of course, the portable pocket fan is small, it’s easy to bring it to everywhere.

If you have long hair, would it get caught in the small cooling fan?

No, unless you deliberately put your hair into the air inlet.

Does this small battery fan have a mechanism to prevent overcharging?

The cooler comes with its own cable connector and plug in set up to charge at a reasonable pace.

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