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China Sourcing & Supply Chain

Ankeral helps customer with sourcing & finding their desired product. Our sourcing specialists assist customers to source products of any kind at their request, even for the products that are not listed on our website, customer can inquire about such products and one of our sourcing experts will help you retrieve & provide all the information required for placing the orders.

Sourcing assistance will include the following:
• Best Quality Products
• Competitive Price
• Strict Quality Control Inspections
• Express Shipping
• 1 Year Limited Service Warranty
• Exceptional Customer Service Support

For any requests related to the bulk orders or wholesale and sourcing, please write to us on

Buying Wholesale

Ankeral provides special prices & big discounts for the items that are purchased in bulk or wholesale. We provide OEM&ODM services at the behest of our customers for the selected range of our products with customized LOGO & different colors according to the requirements.

Our dedicated team provides you with full assistance required from quotations to product specification including any other related information.

We provide with full consultation services recommending top selling items & market information assisting our customers.

Product Inspection & China Factory Audit

Ankeral offer a team of highly qualified Quality Inspectors! Depending on your needs and international safety standards, we will perform on-site inspections in China within 48 hours. Based on customer requests, we can perform simple and quick QC to more sophisticated controls.

We offer you random quality controls on:

  • First batch production
  • Supervision of the production process
  • Control during production, and after the production is completed
  • Analysis of the most common defects and the defects percentage
  • Container loading supervision

The random QC (Quality Control) of the product at your China supplier factory is the most effective way to avoid receiving the defective or non-compliant products; keep the quality of your product constant over time, and protect your brand in the market.


Do you need a China Factory Audit on a potential supplier? Do you want to verify if a particular company is a simple trading company or a real factory with production lines? We are at your disposal for repaid inspection. Before starting production, it’s necessary to be certain that the partner factory has the capacity to produce your products with good quality. Finding out the problem during production, after having already paid 30%, 50% or even more as deposit is too late.

Not sure if your new supplier is suitable for your needs? Our China Factory Audit service is right to give you full confidence in your suppliers before signing contracts. We will help you confirm the various statements made by suppliers and analyze their capabilities. Our professional inspectors will visit the factory before your order is placed, we will provide you a full report on their actual production capability and quality abilities,  so you can decide if the supplier is truly suitable.

Customized & Personalized Service

Ankeral has a professional and powerful skilled team, we have already experienced in the customized & personalized service many years. We know that no two buyers are identical, and not all customers want the same thing from your product. But you can help yourself out by letting people customize your service based on their needs. It’s a surprisingly easy way to help users get what they want from interactions with your business. 

  1. Share clear design photos or ideas concept.
  2. Make a layout or an artwork for approval.
  3. Make a sample & prototype. 
  4. Mass production and goods inspection.
  5. Delivery the goods.

Sample & Shipping Service

Ankeral offers a fast research, request, control and shipping service for samples from China. Using our product sourcing means reducing sampling times even for more complex products, and saving costs.

Whenever you want to import from China, samples from China various potential suppliers are essential! Through our qualified service, you will be able to analyze various important aspects even before the shipment to US, UK, UAE, Europe, Brazil, Australia, Japan. Saving time and money from unnecessary shipments of non-compliant samples.

What added values we give on samples from China?

  • The samples may be often slightly different from the photos, both in terms of size, shape, colors or materials. We check everything as per your requests.
  • Sometimes the photos from the producer are retouched so as not to show any surface imperfections, more or less rounded corners, closures or joints between 2 pieces that are not well made. Receiving us the samples allows us to touch the quality of the product offered, from the finishes, to the various internal components, to the quality of the material used…etc. We have a duty to inform you of potential differences or discrepancies
  • Other times the weight of the sample, and therefore the quantity of raw material used is not as requested. Yes! We also check the weight of the samples.
  • If the samples can sometimes be free of charge, the courier fee Europe and the USA via DHL, UPS, FedEx is always charged to the customers. A shipment of wrong samples means money and above all wasted time. This is our duty to inform you of any problems before shipment.

China Fairs Visiting

Visit trade Fairs & Assistance on sight

China mainland and Hong Kong offer a multitude of very important fairs in various sectors. They are often in collaboration with large European exhibition centers, but what are the advantages of visiting a fair?

  • See different thousands of products of China suppliers in one location
  • Be able to compare the technical and aesthetic aspects of the products or machinery, the average market price, the minimum purchase quantity, the possible problems of modifications and customization, the production time
  • Full-immersion of a competitive environment and experience all the latest developments from industry leaders, the market trend and news
  • Receiving expert advice on the introduction of new technologies, or new features
  • Many Chinese suppliers do not speak English, or you might have difficulties explaining your requirements. We are here for you. Not only can we accompany you at any trade show by translating your requests from English or Italian to Chinese, and vice versa, we can also organize all internal travel: flights, trains, hotels and restaurants. Full local assistance service.

Visiting China is about 15-20 hours away from US and most of the European countries, our customers are not always able to visit all the fairs. Sometimes costs of itinerary and accommodation and lodging need to put into consideration. Also the time cost of not being in the company for at least a week.

Ankeral can offer our assistance on this aspect. We can visit specific trade fair upon your need, with a target product and target price. Other times we visit the fair tele-guided from our clients, so they get first-hand information through real time communications.

Don’t miss the occasion of trade fairs in China, write to us now!

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