Happy Birthday Basket 3D Pop-up Cards Custom Printing Best Birthday Gifts for Kids


2023 Hot Selling Happy Birthday Basket 3D Pop-up Cards Custom Printing Best Birthday Gifts for Kids China Manufacturer

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Everyone has a birthday, which means that everyone you know celebrates at some point each year. Well, besides celebrating with a birthday cake with candles, NEVER missing a happy birthday card, a special Happy Birthday Basket 3D Pop-up Cards.

This unique Happy Birthday Basket 3D Pop-up Card is sure to impress all your loved ones on their special day. With thousands of designs, select the perfect birthday card for your kids, mom, father, sister, friends, or anyone else you’re caring of!


So what is the perfect happy birthday card?

Everyone’s birthday is definitely a special occasion worth celebrating! A special birthday pop-up card will make your mom, dad and friends feel loved and cared for on their special day. Happy birthday card, birthday cake card, flower card, blessing card! Find the perfect birthday pop-up card for all persons you loved and cared, that will definitely put a happy smile on their faces.

What is written on the happy birthday card?

Here are some sweet messages that will make their birthday special:

  • Cheers to you at this special moment! Happy Birthday!
  • Hope you find your beloved sweet soon. Happy birthday!
  • Hope all your birthday wishes come true. Happy birthday!
  • You deserve the blessings of love, warmth and many hugs. Happy birthday!
  • Have a happy day full of love and laughter, the best birthday wishes for you!
  • I hope you have more sweet memories and a happy future. Happy birthday!
  • Hope your childhood is full of fun, healthy and happy growth. Happy birthday!
  • Happy ready to your birthday party! We hope you have a wonderful birthday full of laughter.

What is a funny way to say happy birthday?

Play tricks on her birthday, everyone has one! Adding a funny message on your greeting card to bring her more laughter. Here are some funny ideas to make ones in your life remembered their birthday with a laughter!

  • Happy birthday, Mom! Can you tell me the love story between you and dad?
  • Even though I tried to stop it, I still didn’t stop your birth, I love you, my lovely sister.
  • We’ve been friends 22 years, so what’s your full name please? Happy birthday my best friend!
  • I know it from my Mama: You are one day later than me, I am old brother, little boy! Happy birthday!
  • At this moment every year, I would say against my heart, I love you, I really love you, are you feeling it?
  • Happy birthday buddy, I really like to join your birthday party at your home, as long as you promise not to enter the kitchen today!
  • It turns out that your two birthdays are one day apart, which is really interesting. Please put my bouquet in the vase and handy it to John tomorrow.   
  • Happy birthday my best friend, Do remember to leave the birthday candles for me to blow, No need to blow out the candles three or four times, I’ll be enough once!

Get your Happy Birthday Basket 3D Pop-up Card now!

You can select from existing Happy Birthday Basket 3D Pop-up Cards or personalized any Happy Birthday Basket 3D Pop-up Cards, birthday cake card, flower bouquet card or your special blessing card. Sending special birthday wishes in a 3D pop-up card with a reminding of an unique memory the two of you!

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Warm Tips

1.  Don’t fold the 3D pink rose basket pop-up card too much, it’s best to open it at an angle of 180 degrees.
2. Avoid placing the 3D pink rose basket pop-up card in humidifiers and other locations where humidity changes dramatically.

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