Best Star Projectors and Home Planetariums

Best Star Projector and Home Planetariums!


Our star projectors makes any room into your own planetarium, projected onto the wall, it makes you feel as if you are in the sea of stars, how comfortable and amazing it is!

Every one has a dream that standing under a dark-sky and looking up at the constellations above, but it’s not always possible to spare time to get out and observe every night through a telescope.

But for those nights you can’t venture out, our star projectors make up for your shortcomings, it’s a great item of home decor for any astronomy or space fan, opening a way to turn the walls of any living room or bedroom into a glorious night sky, giving new meaning to the term home planetariums.

Many of our star projectors present views of the brightest stars in the night sky, helping you explore your way around the constellations secret then to search for true dark skies.

Perhaps you have no time go out, but you are looking for a relaxing atmosphere to help you drift off to sleep. Or you are looking for a space themed gift for the kids. Whatever you’re after, there’s a star projector to wait for you here.

What to consider to buy a best star projector?

These star projectors work by shining a light through a slide and using a lens to focus it on the walls of your home.

Most types we developed offer features like brightness, colors, controls, image rotation, and timer. We found that selecting the right star projector is more about finding the experience that matches your mood. Are you looking for the fantastic nebulae or amazing constellations? Whatever you’re after, there’s a star projector right for you here.

Projection Type
You’d think that a star projector only projects stars. But many of them are capable of covering the broad cosmic spectrum and can mimic everything from nebula to auroras to constellations. As we mentioned, selecting the right one is about capturing your interest and imagination. A star projector can cast a nebula, it’s an excellent choice if you want to create a calming environment before sleeping.

Brightness Control
A good star projector can provide multiple brightness settings. Generally these projectors are designed to present a fantastic visual effect, so are best shown off in a dark room environment. The effects of nebula and aurora make for great complementary lighting, such as during a party or movie night. They also make for good night lights and can help create a calming environment that encourages rest.

Color Settings
Most of our star projectors offer different color settings, similar to smart light strips. The users can create a scene that fits their moods through advanced color settings and change it. A green nebula may be suitable for calm and relax, while yellow may be ideal for happiness and comfort. Most star projectors can adjust colors through a controller or smartphone app and support millions of color options.

Static and Dynamic
Star projectors generally have 2 different viewing modes: still and rotating. A star projector that operates in still mode will cast light onto a surface and remain static. A projector with a rotating feature will put on a more dynamic light show by slowly rotating the lights. We can contronl it with capable of switching between still and rotating modes.

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