3D Illusion Lamp — Vision Sense 3D, Not Real But Amazing

What is 3D Illusion Lamp?


The 3D illusion lamp is an amazing 3D art, different kinds of designs look charming and interesting. It’s amazing that the flat piece of acrylic panel with laser engraving lines lighting the transparent pattern, which looks like a 3D illusion effect appearing when you light up the illusion lamps.

When you look at those lamps from the front, they look 3D illusion effect, just like falling into a cool 3D world. When you look at them from the side, you can see that they are actually pretty flat, just a normal 2D creality effect. Each illusion lamp has LED lights that can be adjustable the lighting mood or as night lighting in your room.

Is there something specific in your mind when you are saying 3D lamp?

There are real 3D lamps. They usually have a line or a grid of LEDs that is whirled around and around; the flickering of various LEDs is sync with the whirling so that at each point where an illusion of an object is needed, the LED at that point will very briefly be on. Some are made with a deflector plate that reflects a stationary grid or line of LEDs, but the basic principle is the same. Unless it’s a photograph or image of a lamp, it’s always 3D. All objects in real life happen to be 3D objects. So a 3D lamp is always existing by this way.

Now I want to say a 3D illusion lamp, it‘s primarily a visual sense and experience, most “3D illusion lamps” provide no real 3D but illusion.

Many, many objects that are sold as “3D illusion lamps” are really nothing of the kind. Most of those are just flat light-up line 2D drawings. Take a transparent acrylic plate. Etch a line drawing on it. Shine a light into the plate from the edge. Observe the line drawing shine dramatically. Nothing 3D about it, just a 2D line drawing that shines.

Insert the acrylic design into the base that has a light source inside will keep that light inside the plate until the light comes to lines in the plate or to another edge. At the lines some of the light will shine out of the plate.

How to operate my 3D Illusion Lamp

3D illusion lamp is designed to create a 3D illusion effect with LED lights. A 2D line graphic is engraved with laser onto transparent acrylic glass panel, when light up the lamp in dark, the design appears 3D visualisation effect when viewed it from further away.

First, install 3-AA batteries into the lamp base or use USB cable to connect the 5V USB port. Second, tear off the protective film on acrylic panel and insert the panel into the lamp base slot, then touch control (remote control, APP control) these lamps to turn on or off, different switching modes of million colors of lights, and the speed and brightness of light changes, timing, playing music.

How to create my Personalized 3D LED Lamp?

Here, you are an artist! Create your own personalized 3D LED lamps, unlimited use of your imagination! Whether you want to use your own photos, a picture of a movie or TV character you love, your favorite musical group or soccer team, or even your company logo… We can customize an amazing lamp for you! Create your personalized lamps in just 5 easy steps:

acrylic shapes
3d lamp base
acrylic size
Customize Content
Love 3D Lamp

1, Customize Shapes

2, Choose Bases

3, Customize Size

4, Customize Content

5, Finalisation

How do I create my personalized 3D LED Lamp?

Ankeral Technology Co.,LTD is one of biggest manufacturer and trade company of 3D LED Lamps in China here, we has already been many years in this field, we have much experiences and powerful service team, we are your top pick supplier in China.
 For 3D lamps, we not only just update ten thousands of acrylic design patterns, but also the functional innovation, it’s important to improve the users’ experience, From the first Normal Touch, then the second development Remote Control, Now APP Control type comes out.
3D Lamp is a perfect combination of 3D art and technology that creates an optical 3D illusion effect and plays tricks on your eyes.
Everyone deserves such an amazing 3D lamp, it’s really a perfect gift ideal! All ANKERAL.COM Team is Ready and Waiting, get your own 3D Illusion Lamp now! 
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